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  Info about Anagrafica Unica (not yet available)
Anagrafica Unica support services
If you have received an activation code, you must use it to choose a personal password.
Password activation must be also done when password have been forgotten and you obtained an activation code by Regenerate password feature or by helpdesk ticket.
Then, the chosen password must be used with all systems in the Anagrafica Unica domain (if you are already qualified to them).
If you are (or you have been) a student of this University and you don't remember your password, this feature allows you to get a new activation code, by which you can choose a new password ("Password activation" feature).
You must enter a personal cell phone number on which you will be sent a text message containing the activation code.
If you're not sure of the username you must use to access to all systems connected to Anagrafica Unica whose username is the email institutional (eg the Student Portal), this feature allows you to retrieve the correct username by inserting your codice fiscale (tax code) and the password you remember.
These feature allows you to change your personal password.
You must remember your previous (current) password.
Access reserved to operators
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